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Making affordable health insurance work better

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Our Commitment

We are focused on a consumer friendly approach to healthcare. Our products are designed to make your affordable health insurance work better. Deductibles, Co-Insurance and Co-Pays can put a dent in your weekend. Our GAP plans fill in the holes NOT covered by plain old health insurance.


American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Many people who buy their own insurance directly on the marketplace have become eligible for increased subsidies to reduce their premiums. The government is helping make your insurance more affordable, we can make your health insurance work better. Ask us how.

Our Most Popular Plans

Our Plans

GAP Plan

 Designed to cover illness and injury claims. Fills the holes your health insurance leaves. Perfect for Individuals, Families, & Small Groups. Quotes can be customized to give you just the right amount of protection for your health insurance plan design. 

Crisis Recovery Plan

We all know someone affected by one of these dread diseases, Heart, Stroke and Cancer. Imagine the peace of mind they would have enjoyed if they received a check "upon diagnosis" for up to $50,000 cash.


Enhanced Accident Plan

Here you will find an affordable strategy to help pay for cuts, bruises and broken bones. Our Enhanced Accident Policy covers you 24 Hours per day, on the job and off the job. Individuals, Couples and Families can easily enroll for as little as $32/monthly.



Why settle for anything less? Deductible Buster Insurance

Please send us a message if you have any questions.  


Our licensed experts can help you with education, information and application for this affordable health insurance.


1100 Washington Road, Washington, PA 15301

Tel:  (724) 400-2656

Monday - Saturday - 8:00am - 8:00pm EST

Sunday: Closed

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